"After having a couple of bad experiences with house cleaning services, I am thrilled to have discovered "Going Green Services". I can totally trust Sarah and her staff to be in my home even when I'm not. I have allergies that are very sensitive to most cleaning products and I am so happy that Sarah's products do not have anything in them that causes me any health problems. My dog also appreciates the pet friendly cleaning products that is used to clean the floors. The prices are very affordable and there are several different services offered. I would recommend "Going Green Services" for anyone that is looking for a stress free, easy and affordable way to get their home cleaned."

"We are so glad that we found Going Green! Not only are we pleased to have made this green choice, but also  pleased to have such trustworthy, hassle-free, reliable service. The lines of communication are always open - this is key to sustaining an ongoing cleaning arrangement where everyone is happy. When Sarah arrives, our house is always in a crazy state, with full-time-working parents, our toddler, our dog, two cats, and mountains of laundry. Sarah works with us to do exactly what we need done, putting great care and consideration into our wishes, while remaining flexible in the midst of the chaos (i.e., sometimes we need extra help with recycling, other tasks that come up on different weeks). She also gives us fabulous product recommendations and ideas... and Going Green has the most reasonable rates around. Going Green is my absolute sanity saver."
-happy client

"Sarah comes into our home each week right on time and does an exceptional job. We couldn't ask for anything more."
Chad M.

"Sarah provides a great cleaning service, very trustworthy and professional.  The fact that all the products are Green is a bonus! " 

"Sarah is amazing!!!! I emailed Sarah asking for a quote and she quoted me and asked if she was able to come over and have a look at the place to give a more accurate quote ( the only cleaner I emailed for quotes that actually wanted to come and view) she came and looked at the place and quoted less than what was in the email which was great. Booked her in, she turned up on time and did an amazing job, it was great to walk in and not have the smell of cleaning products hit you in the face. Sarah did a wonderful job, I would definitely recommend her to anyone and look forward to having her clean our new place regularly in the near future. Thanks so much Sarah, it was a lovely job. :)"


"We have Going Green to thank for our clean and healthy home! 
Cleaning:  I found Going Green online, after screening a lot of other services.  I was initially drawn to the descriptions of the services provided and competitive prices.  If anything, I was hesitant that such reasonable rates only meant more hours of work were needed-- but the opposite is true.  I am amazed at how clean our house becomes after a relatively short period.  Sarah works really efficiently, and is meticulous in her attention to detail.  From fan blades to window sills, I'm always pleasantly surprised with how much nicer the house looks when we get back from running errands.   Sarah gets so much more done, and does such a better job, in a lot less time than we've been able to do by ourselves.  We initially intended to go on a single visit basis, but were so impressed after the first visit that we happily set up a routine schedule-- we wanted to make sure that she could come back!  I look forward to the days that she comes, because I know the house will look brand new by lunch time. 
Products:  Besides doing an excellent job cleaning, Going Green uses environmentally friendly products.  Our old cleaning service didn't use these products, and I was curious to see if the house could possibly get as clean.  If anything, I think the green products do a better job.  Our historic hardwood floors are clean, and keep a natural sheen without any visible residue.  The kitchen and bathroom are always spotless.  The products never sting our eyes, and my asthma isn't at all aggravated (unlike with other supplies). 
Pets:  Not only is Sarah completely trustworthy in having the run of our house, she is one of of the only people (including friends) we can trust not to let our cat sneak out.  Along with the cat, we have two dogs, so admittedly the house gets dirty fast.  But, with Going Green's help we can keep it clean and under control. The pet hair and muddy paw prints disappear, and the carpets never look as clean as when Going Green does the vacuuming.  All of our pets adored Sarah when they first met her-- and they usually do not trust  strangers. It's nice to have someone who's so comfortable with animals.   Also, if you have pets or children, it's reassuring to know that floors, windows, and walls aren't coated with anything harmful to their health.  
Recommendation:  I would give Going Green my strongest recommendation to anyone looking for a new cleaning service provider.  It's really valuable to have someone you like and trust helping take care of your home.  Appointments have always happened on time, and rescheduling is not a problem.  The rates are lower than those of the chain service providers, and the cleaning is done with more efficiency and attention to detail.  The professionalism and quality of the work provided is impeccable.  We've been using Going Green since October, and my only regret is that we didn't find out about them sooner! "